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English is not my natural language. Please be kind on any mistake.

Description of the building of my passive bioclimatic house. You will find information to help you planning your solar house while lowering costs at the same time as having an advance house.

It is structured in a way to ease your navigation experience depending of the kind of information you are searching for. Below the categories you will find in the menus.

  1. Principles of the passive house : The architecture, the choices and the reasons which have driven these choices.
  2. House construction steps : This part describes the different steps we followed with photos.
  3. Different projects not directly linked to the house building
  4. References linked to the house : Suppliers, useful links for the passive house, solar water heater...

The house is located in the beautiful village of Oltingue, in the south of the Alsace region in France: Oltingue website

Below is a nice view from the countryside arround the village