Home automation

The whole house will be controlled by automation. From my point of view, the automation must be invisible and I do not understand the way of presenting home automation as a simple way to turn lights on and off and raise / lower the shutters via a smartphone. My home automation will be based on the DIY system Domocan . This system is very powerful yet simple and easily maintainable by everyone. It is also very cheap. I plan to create additional cards to connect the weather station, the lightning detector and the atmospheric pressure sensor.

Domocan allows of course to control lamps (and provides a dimmer mode) via the touch buttons switches on the walls, but also enables advanced energy reduction functions via the control of ventilation, temperature management, sunscreen management in stormy weather. The goal is to automate the maximum of functions and not just to combine functions to buttons. It will also detect the opening of windows and doors and to operate as an alarm system. It will also act as intelligent power strip switch by cutting unnecessary appliances. Scenarios are also easily programmed (eg night mode, if someone turns on the lights to go to the bathroom, they will only light up gradually and only a quarter of the maximum power to avoid dazzling. With this kind of system, the possibilities are endless