Exterior features

For now, we have only built the access road with washed crushed stones for cost and time reasons. We took the opportunity to develop the south terrace (in the evening when it is very hot, otherwise the morning and afternoon when it is cooler) and a small terrace to the north (in the morning and afternoon when it is too hot to enjoy the shadow of the house).

To reduce maintenance, we have sown grass meadow style with double density than what is indicated on the package. The result is not bad. We did not Arose after having sown, we just waited there have rain fall. We started installing the hedgerow on the east and we expect the neighbors to the west have installed their closure before planting kiwi.

No fertilizer for turf and if there are "weeds" that does not matter because the goal is to have a type of grass meadow cut to 6cm in height. This will allow biodiversity to settle. I have neighbors who have an orchard with grass like a meadow and it looks nice. They cut it from time to time and during the summer, it is not yellow / brown unlike conventional lawns that are not beautiful.