Interior features

We made a mistake because we do not have had to plaster the MFP wall plates because it does not hooks well. We will have to remove it and put a thick and elastic enough paint to hide the flaws of the wall and compensate the work of plates (variable humidity and temperature).

We have not installed a plasterboard ceiling, but wooden T rails on which we put wooden plates. This enables us to keep access to ducts and pipes and the top of the walls for subsequent amendments. This makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

We chose tiles (25 euros / sqm (VAT included) in Germany) 60cmx60cm vitrified and smooth to ease maintenance. It is glued directly on the slab without a cement cope because the slab was very good (a few millimeters apart 4m) and we do not need expansion joint because we have a strike and no floor heating (and the slab is isolated so at more or less constant temperature).

Rooms separation doors are frosted glass to bring the maximum light in all rooms. Beware when you want this kind of door, wear safety glasses and gloves because one of our door had a defect and exploded in our hands when we were going to put it on its hinges. Results: brand floor tile impact riddled (fortunately hardly visible), also the wall and my head took an impact and I struggled to remove a piece of glass !! I did not wear glasses and I was lucky to not loose an eye.

We were a little afraid that the bathroom attached to the master bedroom was too small but as we left it open to the bedroom there is no sensation of being in a small bathroom. Instead, it has just the right size. We were also afraid of moisture, but with ventilation designed correctly, there is not even a mist on the mirror after a shower (there is no bosster ventilation mode when you take a shower) < /p>

If we had more money, we would have expanded the house a meter wide and the room would have been more comfortable (closet) and we would have had room to access the toilet, which are located in the laundry, directly from the bedroom. We would have also more space in the lobby to put the closet and not feel narrow. It is a compromise but it is fine anyway.