Bioclimatic design

The bioclimatic design is the basis of a passive house. It is very important if we want to achieve the objectives of the negawatt scenario. Before trying to produce renewable energy, the simplest and cheapest is to first reduce energy consumption. The cheapest and least polluting energy is the one which is not used. We must therefore begin with the sobriety - insulation, ventilation; then goes to efficiency - appliances that consume little; and finally we can think of renewable energies. - solar water heater

The house is oriented south - southeast with large windows to the south, no north window and few windows facing east and west. The north parts are technical parts such as laundry or lobby. The master bedroom has a window to the east to enjoy the sunrise in the morning.

As the lobby is in the northwest corner of the house, it has no window. The front door is therefore entirely translucent. The door to the laundry room is opposite to the front door and also has no window. So it can anyway get some natural light, the door is also made of glass. Finally, to complete this natural lighting, door separating the entrance to the kitchen / living room is fully glazed.

Upstairs we find two windows, one on each gable wall to the east and west. As we do not have the means for a dormer, we had to content ourselves with a skylight to illuminate the middle of the floor.

Finally, the windows are protected from the burning summer sun by an overhang of 80cm.

These windows positions and the overhang help avoid overheating in summer and heat loss in winter while allowing much sunlight to penetrate deep into the house in winter.

The solar water heater can take advantage of solar resources to lower energy consumption.

As we live in a cool climate, even cold in winter in the Jura foothills, it is essential to insulate (38cm). All this allows us to have a home with a sober energy impact.

The rain is present fairly often, which allows us to recover water for the garden. We did not choose to inject it into the water system of the house for the toilet because we find it too complexe and costly (booster, maintenance of the tank ...).

But with bioclimatic architecture, it is not only the house itself that is important. The garden itself is also important because it participates in comfort. We will avoid as much as possible the stone or concrete surfaces in direct sunlight, especially near the house at the terrace. The terrace will be small and we have a another on the north to enjoy the meal cool in summer.

This house will have no air conditioning and a low-power heating used only in extra