Passive Thermal Solution

Passive solutions are the cheapest and most reliable way to reduce energy costs. Here are those that will be implemented in our home:

  1. Wall insulation in cellulose: 38cm
  2. Very large attic insulation in cellulose: 38cm
  3. Peripheral slab insulation
  4. Insulation of the slab from below to take advantage of the inertia thereof.
  5. High performance window frames and windows (triple glazing and insulated frame and triple gasket)
  6. Hunting parasitic air leakages
  7. No north window
  8. Large windows to the south
  9. 80cm roof overhang to protect the windows from the sun in summer
  10. cladding on the walls allowing a ventilated air space to avoid overheating in summer and cold winds of winter to touch the insulation. Reinforces slightly isolation
  11. Orientation of the house toward south
  12. Technical Parts to the north
  13. Garage to the west protects part of the house from the prevailing westerly winds
  14. Heat recovery of greywater for the showers.